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How to Set Up a First Coaching Session & Things to Avoid

Setting Up Potential Clients into a First Coaching Session   Things to avoid when attempting to setup the first coaching session The opportunity to have a first coaching session can arise in several different ways. Examples: • Sometimes an individual connects you with a prospective client. • You are out networking and you meet a prospective client. • In much rarer cases, a prospective client who you’ve never met calls you. In any case, there are some things to avoid in those initial conversations. First, let me tell a couple of do’s: • Do listen to the individual and allow
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The Explosive First Coaching Session

< Previous Jumpstart Videos The Explosive First Coaching Session   We’ve done a tremendous amount of work in order to get you one-on-one in front of a potential client. In most cases, you don’t have a client locked into an agreement before that first session. What this means is that a few things need to take place within this session that enables you to lock them in as a client. 1. Trust, credibility, and likeability gets solidified. I’m not going to spend much time on this, because this is everything that you’ve been working on since the beginning. You’ve built
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