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How coaches reach their ideal clients through social media

How coaches reach their ideal clients through social media Recently, I shared a big no-no with regard to advertising coaching services online. That prompted a response from one of the students in our Jumpstart program:     While I’m not against online advertising, I am passionate about coaches actually being successful with any kind of marketing they choose, and they must have a strategy to reach their ideal clients online and an end game. Coaches who are successful getting clients online do these things:
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A Life Coach Online Marketing No-No

The advertising no-no I see all the time: Why it’s bad & How to avoid it!   My wife had an ad pop up on her Facebook newsfeed yesterday and showed it to me, and I couldn’t help but cringe. But I see so many coaches make the same mistake all the time! This is exactly why we created Jumpstart – to help coaches avoid mistakes and launch growing, thriving practices. I show you the ad in the video and share why the strategy is off. If you prefer to read, the transcript is just below the video! NOTE: This freebie
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