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#MENTORMONDAY – 5 Minute Laser-Focused Coaching Hack – 5 Minute Makeover

Monday, October 16 @ 5:15pm PT (7:15pm CT/8:15pm ET)

In a coaching session, time is precious, and we’re here to make every minute count.

Our focus this week is delivering quick clarity with a 5-minute coaching hack. We’ve got no-nonsense, laser-focused strategies that you can use immediately.

Why? Because we’re not in the business of beating around the bush; we’re in the business of radical transformation.

Here’s what’s in store:

🔦 The Clarity Catalyst: Discover a powerful technique to get straight to the core of your clients’ challenges and provide aha moments in a flash.

🚀 Time-Saving Strategies: Learn how to optimize your coaching sessions for maximum impact in minimum time. You’ll leave your clients wondering how you do it!

🚗 The Express Lane to Results: This isn’t about rushing; it’s about cutting through the fluff and leading your clients on a fast-track to success.

And, of course, we’re all about the conversation. Share your coaching wins, your brave experiments, and your newfound 5-minute coaching hacks with the community.

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