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#MENTORMONDAY – Capturing Your Thoughts – The Disciplined Mind: How to Think Successfully

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November 7, 2022

I’ve been giving some thought to how I’d like to end 2022 with our coaches. In the past, I’ve helped our coaches prep to get ready for the HUGE month that January always is.

This year, I want to give you some tools to help you success with the inward battle that most coaches have going on.

Do you know you can have all the OUTWARD signs of success…for a little while without INWARD success?

However, I’ve found that, eventually, what you believe about yourself will eventually catch up with you.

If you win the inward battle that is mostly happening in secret, then there’s no doubt you’ll win the public battle in due time.

And INWARD success is going to be SUSTAINED OUTWARD success.

You might have heard me say a couple of times that most people don’t have disciplined minds. I want to look at that practically for the next few weeks to give you some handles on that.

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