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#MENTORMONDAY – January is the top month to sign new clients…but are you snoozing right now?

December 18, 2023

It’s here – the New Year!

And, predictably, most coaches are snoozing through the best business month of the year to sign new clients – January.

I see it every year, and I try to sound the alarm, but, often my alarms go unheeded.

January’s are an easy no-brainer months to sign clients.

People are fresh from walking away from a busy, yet mostly unproductive season, and they want to accelerate into a new year filled with fresh vision and big plans.

But most coaches get lazy at the end of the year. They get distracted, get quieter on social media etc. and they themselves have zero momentum going into the new year, and leave business on the table.


Tonight, I’m going to give you a few simple steps to quickly gain momentum so you can take advantage of a SUPER lucrative January!

Join me!

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