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February 4, 2019

Over the past several years, I’ve watched a dramatic increase in interest in coaching from professionals with a counseling/therapy background.

I’ve personally written about it on this blog, but nothing tops experience!

Sonya Gomez, a 2016 grad of Life Coach Training Institute, boldly transitioned her successful professional career in counseling to a more meaningful and lucrative career as a self-awareness coach.

I realize that this is a scary venture for professional counselors/therapists who are leaving a lifetime of educational investment and a guaranteed career to pursue their passion, and Sonya is one of the most qualified people to speak about it.  What I appreciate most about Sonya besides her boldness, is her desire to truly give back to the coaching community.  She has done this with a mindset of abundance and humility through her new book: THE LIFE COACH’S PLAYBOOK: The Secret to Creating a Winning Life for You and Your Clients.

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