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#MENTORMONDAY – Vision that sets your life & coaching practice on FIRE!

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February 12 @ 5:15pm PT (7:15pm CT/8:15pm ET)

If you want to make a measurable impact on the planet, you’ve got to have vision.

And let me be clear – I’m not talking about wishy-washy, “wouldn’t it be grand” fantasies. The game-changers in history? They weren’t sitting around daydreaming; they had a vivid, crystal-clear vision of their path.

In this new series “The Vision-Led Coach,” we’re kicking things off with a deep dive into the Exponential Power of Vision.

We’re going to unravel how this force propels you not just in your coaching game but across the entire spectrum of your existence.

And in the weeks ahead, I’m going to help you articulate your personal vision – the kind that sets your life and coaching practice on fire.

Ready to crank up the volume on your growth, both as an individual and a coach? Join me!

LIVE Online 3 Day Life Coach Certification Bootcamp is rolling in hot on February 23-25.

It’s a weekend affair – kickstarting on Friday, wrapping up the shenanigans on Sunday. And guess what? By Monday morning, you’re not just waking up, you’re waking up as a certified life coach!


+ The 4 Lenses of a Coach
+ Unveiling the secrets to get that client buy-in
+ Dissecting the anatomy of a coaching sesh
+ Riding the wave of a coaching session
+ Not one, but TWO coaching models
+ Navigating the 3 Levels of Listening
+ Unleashing the progression of questions in every coaching stage
+ Defining accountability and principles of follow-up
+ Hold onto your hat because we’re not just talking the talk.
We’re stuffing your coaching toolkit with an arsenal of tools, and guess what? Live demos and roleplaying!

Ready to roll? The LIVE Coaching Bootcamp is your ticket, and it’s a steal at $247!

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