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#MENTORMONDAY LIVE! – Complimentary Session Mistakes New Coaches Make – Back to Basics Series for Life Coaches

March 14, 2022
If you spend any time looking at the websites or social media of coaches, you’ll consistently find a common feature that’s also a common mistake typically in the form of a button or call out…

“Click here to schedule a FREE Coaching Session!”

Fundamentally, I’m not against complimentary coaching sessions. They can serve a real purpose in your coaching practice and help you convert a potential client into a real paying client.

But if you’re giving away free sessions and the majority of those sessions (and I mean better than 50%) aren’t turning into paid coaching clients, then there are some real red flags that probably have nothing to do with your coaching skills but have everything to do with WHO you’re giving free sessions.

This #MENTORMONDAY, I’m going to show you how complimentary coaching sessions fit into your overall gameplan and how you can use them to effectively use them to grow your coaching practice.

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