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Part 5: Knowledge – 5 Ways of Choosing a Coaching Niche

Monday, March 15 @ 5:15pm Pacific Time (7:15pm CT/8:15pm ET)

Over the past handful of weeks I’ve been showing you 5 ways you can choose a niche. Perhaps a better way of entitling it would have been “5 Things you can wrap your coaching niche around.”

Just to be clear: there are many more than simply 5 (but 5 is what we promised we’d give you!), but the final way I’m going to share with you is knowledge.

By “knowledge,” I simply mean that you know stuff about a particular subject matter. This knowledge could have been acquired through experience, a skill, it could have even been acquired through research, etc. There are a number of ways that people come to know something.

How you acquired this knowledge is probably not as important as your ability to demonstrate it and, of course, to leverage it to make yourself a commodity in order to get paid for it.

Join me as I share how!

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