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March 18, 2019



I’m so excited because this past week because my middle daughter who is a freshman in high school is getting her first job – an lucky for her it’s working for me! ; )

Actually I am very excited about this opportunity because I’m using it to help instill a sense of personal value and worth.

Most of the jobs I had when I was a kid were jobs that no one else wanted and involved a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for a measly $4.15/hour.

This was supposed to prepare me for life – work ethic, respect for authority, and entice me to finish school so I didn’t have to do that line of work for the rest of my life.

I’m appreciative of those lessons, but not all of them were like the world REALLY works.

For instance, I was always told that hard work always pays off. That wasn’t always true for me. Was it for you?

Have you noticed that you’ve NEVER really been paid what you’re worth?

I can’t think of very many times when I was rewarded financially for all my hard work. I generally got more responsibility or often had to pick up the slack for others. But I don’t think I ever got a raise of more that 3% my entire life. And I did work hard. I had a long track record of success and never received a bad review. But the only way I seemed to ever increase my pay was to actually LEAVE the place where I was working and go to a new employer who saw the value in me.

That’s so disappointing.

Also, when I was a teen, I think I just prepared my life for working a regular 40 hour work week, and the only way I could make more money is just to make more money per hour or work overtime.

It took me a lot of years and most of my adult life to snap out of that insanity.

These days I don’t have a value for working a 40 hour work week, I have a value for hard work that brings results.

But how could I teach my daughter that? The same way I teach my coaches this.

I told her:

“Listen: I’ll pay you $X per hour, but I need at least 5 hours of work per week.”

She seemed really excited.

Then I added, “But, I’m much more interested in the impact your work is going to have on my business. I need results, not just your showing up and performing tasks. So here’s the results that I really need each week…”

And I wrote it down on a piece of paper.

Then I said, “Bug, if you can get me these results every week, I don’t care how many hours you work each week. Like, if you are able to get me these results in like 1-2 hours of work a week, I’ll pay you the same amount. How’s that sound?”

It took me sketching it out an explaining it on paper a few times for it to sink in. After all, how can you get paid more money if you’re not putting in the hours?

What I told her is EXACTLY what I want my coaches to understand:

Get paid for the RESULTS that you bring, not the amount of hours you work.

Your value comes in not how much time you spend, but on impact. I want my coaches to understand their worth. This is the difference between a coach who makes $40,000 a year and a coach that makes 6 Figures. It’s completely about understanding your own personal value and worth, and finding the right clients who value results.

It’s really not that complicated, but it is LIFE-CHANGING.

I’m so excited for my own daughter to get to learn this lesson right now.

If you get it, not only will you break into wealth, but you’ll probably never work for another person besides yourself for the rest of your life.


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