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March 4, 2019

This Live Q&A gives you a little taste of what our coaches experience every week as a part of our Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice business development program.

In this Q&A, Paul answers questions on the fly including:

[2:54] What is the best way to promote yourself when you have no experience?

[10:30] What is the different between life coaching and other types of coaching?

[14:50] What is the best software for my online course, to add videos etc..

[20:03] What are the best social media platforms to attract new clients?

[28:41] Are there niche markets that you feel are oversaturated and might lack growth potential?

[33:08] What website hosting/design services do you recommend?

[34:00] If I wanted to focus on parents of troubled teens what niche would that be?



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