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Part 4: Passion – 5 Ways of Choosing a Coaching Niche

March 8, 2021

If you’re just now seeing this series on the “Five Ways of Choosing a Coaching Niche,” I encourage you to go back and read the emails and watch last week’s video.

As a coach, I never had anyone walk me through that process. So, I started out, like many coaches do, as a generalist “Life Coach.”

Even with weak, non-specific, messaging, I was able to get some clients. Most I really enjoyed working with, but there were a few that I didn’t have as much chemistry with.

What I was taught in coaching school was that I could work with anyone. But what I’ve learned, and what I teach our coaches in Jumpstart is, “just because you can work with anyone, doesn’t mean you should. You’ll do your best work with the people you’re most passionate about working with.”

Join me LIVE TONIGHT as I unpack more about finding your coaching niche through PASSION.


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