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April 16, 2018

How does a coach have credibility when they’re just starting out?

If someone asks you: how long have you been coaching? How do you answer that?

Just last week, I was asked these very questions by coaches in a group mentoring session.

Many new coaches are terrified of this credibility thing. They don’t know what to say. Maybe that’s you?

Let me say this on the front end: you don’t have to fear credibility issues, even  if you’re just getting started as a coach.

And you can have a confident, even bold answer if this question ever did arise.

I’d like to share with you the recording of my answer from last week’s live call.



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Paul Dabdoub is a master coach trainer & mentor, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and an executive coach who’s literally helped 1000’s of people take practical steps towards their future.

Paul is the founder of Life Coach Training Institute - the largest life coach training school in North America and the #1 life coach certification online program.

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