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#MENTORMONDAY LIVE! – The Exponential Power of Vision | The Vision-Led Coach

April 25, 2022
If you want to make a measurable impact on the planet, you’ve got to have vision.

And when I say vision, I’m not just talking about mission statements or fuzzy, “wouldn’t it be nice,” kinda dreams.

The people in history who’ve truly left their mark didn’t have vague thoughts about the future. They were crystal-clear about what they were doing, why they were doing it, and what it would LOOK LIKE when they were at their destination.

Do you have a compelling vision like that?

In this brand new series called “The Vision-Led Coach,” I’m going to start off by talking about the Exponential Power of Vision and exactly what it does to propel you forward in the totality of your life.

And, in the upcoming weeks, I’m going to help you clarify your own personal vision for your life and your coaching practice.

Are you ready to catalyze your growth as a person and as a coach? Join me!

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