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May 6, 2019

How to create LONG-TERM clients through personalizing your coaching

You have the ability to give your clients something they WANT that most companies are unable to give them.

Give your clients a meaningful, personal experiences, and you can keep a client long-term. I’ll show you how!

PLUS Your Questions!

#MENTORMONDAY allows you a sneak peek into what our Jumpstart students experience on a weekly basis – Paul sharing insights gained in 10+ years of coaching excellence that’s helped 1000’s of individuals and nearly 20,000 coaches.


Master Coach Trainer, Founder | | Website

Paul Dabdoub is a master coach trainer & mentor, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and an executive coach who’s literally helped 1000’s of people take practical steps towards their future.

Paul is the founder of Life Coach Training Institute - the largest life coach training school in North America and the #1 life coach certification online program.

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