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#MENTORMONDAY – How to Make Your Online Courses Irresistible to Your Coaching Clients

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May 8, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a book become a bestseller or a product fly off the shelf, it’s because somebody was really good at making the product IRRESISTIBLE.

The crazy part is I don’t think making anything for coaching clients is that hard to make irresistible. Coaching is a VALUABLE and a desperately NEEDED service.

It’s just that coaches are generally terrible at this part of their business.

I’m going to show you ALL THAT’S NEEDED to make your online course IRRESISTIBLE.

It’s EASY and totally DOABLE for you, I promise!

And if you find it helpful…

I’ve created a 10 hour step-by-step for coaches called “Coaching Product Launch Blueprint.”


+ 10+ Hours of Training available immediately
+ Weekly Tools & Assignments to help you develop your strategy
+ Learn how to Develop your ideal coaching products
+ The 14-day product launch sequence including lead magnets, funnels, and more!
+ How to craft messaging for your website sales pages, social media, & emails
+ You’ll also learn what you need to build MOMENTUM for your Launch

It’s all included inside our Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice program that includes this course as well as certification for only $97/month with a 3 month commitment.


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