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June 15, 2020

I’m so STOKED about this week!

We get so many questions about social media platforms and how coaches can be more effective and GET CLIENTS through social media.

So we’ve decided to dedicate this week to focusing on The BIG 3: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Hence: #THEBIG3WEEK – 3 Days, 3 Social Media Platforms.

We’re starting Monday with Pinterest, and I’m so glad Lindsay Shearer is going to be going us, because SHE IS THE PINTEREST GURU! She’s been getting amazing results for her clients through this powerful platform, and she’s going to help us understand it and get REALLY EFFECTIVE at using it.

By the way, did you know that Lindsay Shearer is the Guest Trainer for our new program Jumpstart Your ONLINE Coaching Practice.

This is going to be a dynamic Q&A that you NEED to join!

Speaking of Jumpstart Your ONLINE Coaching Practice, ENROLLMENT IS OPEN AND ENDS THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 19TH!


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In case of any glitches, you’ll find all events streaming from our Facebook page at:


Jumpstart Your ONLINE Coaching Practice

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