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#MENTORMONDAY – LIVE! How to Coach Crisis-Maker Procrastinators

June 17, 2024

This is our 6th week of our coaching procrastinating series.  We’re focused on strategies to coaching the 6 different procrastinator types.

Are your clients always waiting until the last minute, thriving on chaos, and turning every task into a dramatic event?

Then you’re dealing with Crisis-Maker Procrastinators!

Join me LIVE on YouTube and Facebook this #MENTORMONDAY, where we’ll dive into:

  • Discovering self-motivators beyond stress
  • Shifting from extreme to moderate thinking
  • Toning down the drama and embracing practical methods ️

We’ll explore real strategies to help your clients manage their crises, find interest in the mundane, and stay ahead of the game. Let’s turn that need for chaos into a productive powerhouse. Don’t miss out—click the link and join us LIVE!

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