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#MENTORMONDAY – How Negativity is Killing Your Resilience – Part 3: The Secret to Resilience

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June 19, 2023

Is negativity killing your resilience?

Let’s find out…

Do any of these sound like you?

+ Surprise Party Syndrome: You know that feeling when the stars align and things actually work out? It’s a shock to your system, leaving you pleasantly surprised.

+ Failure Frenzy: The fear of failure has been holding you back, preventing you from going after what you truly want.

+ Doom and Gloom Obsession: Your mind has a knack for fixating on all the things that can go wrong in any given situation.

+ Risk vs. Reward Debacle: The scales always seem to tip in favor of risk, according to your risk assessment committee.

+ Imposter Syndrome Trap: You undervalue your own abilities, constantly feeling like a fraud in your own skin.

+ Flaw-Focused Fixation: Your attention gravitates towards your flaws and weaknesses, overshadowing your strengths.

+ Optimism Enigma: Those relentlessly optimistic souls often rub you the wrong way.

+ Negative Self-Talk Tango: The dance of negative self-talk is a familiar routine, one that chips away at your confidence.

+ Good Things, Limited Edition: You’ve adopted a belief that all good things must come to an end.

+ Status Quo Seduction: Change can seem daunting, so it’s easier to settle for the comfort of the familiar.

If you’ve answered “THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME” to any of these descriptions, it’s time to reclaim your resilience.

I want you to join me tonight for #MENTORMONDAY so that I can partner with you help you become your own best ally.

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