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#MENTORMONDAY LIVE! – The Making of a 6 Figure Coach | Zero To Launch With A Growing Clientele In 90 Days

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Monday, June 27 @ 5:15pm Pacific Time (7:15pm CT/8:15pm ET)

Have you been contemplating becoming a coach for the past 90 days or more?

Well listen to this…

At the end of February this year, our team received an email inquiry that included this line: “I am 73 years and coming out of retirement to better serve my community as well as getting to do what I love.”

I met Harvey Keiser after he enrolled in our Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice program, knocked out his certification, and showed up at his first LIVE weekly group coaching call.

Harvey instantly endeared himself to everyone. He was a little challenged by technology but willing to learn.

A few weeks later after he started working through the Jumpstart tools, he shared some of what he’d put together on a group call, and I told him: “Harvey, this is an EASY 6 figure coaching business idea you have. And I’m not blowing smoke. Easily 6 figures and could be multi-6 figures.”

Harvey has put the work in and now has a jam-packed schedule with clients and is well on his way to a 6 figure coaching practice in only 90 days.

I have the pleasure of interviewing him this #MENTORMONDAY when I’ll be letting him tell some of his story and picking his brain with questions like:

  • How did you find your way into coaching?
  • What’s working for you?
  • What are the top 3 things a newly certified coach needs to do to be successful?
  • What’s the biggest thing you had to overcome in order to be successful?

We’ll ask your questions too!

He’s truly a phenomenal human being and a gift. We’re fortunate that he’s making time in his busy coaching schedule for us.

Please join us!

If you like this, why don’t you join Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice?

Led by Multi-6 Figure Coach Paul Dabdoub, Jumpstart includes a proven A-Z business development roadmap, business development tools, roleplaying, online community, and a weekly LIVE group call with Paul. It also includes other programs like: LIVE Online Coaching Bootcamp, Brand Camp, the NEW Coaching Product Launch Blueprint, and more!


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