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#MENTORMONDAY – The Art of Bouncing Back – Part 1: Resilience Lost

June 5, 2023

You don’t have to be as old as me (I’m nearly 50 now, but who’s counting?) to have experienced some setbacks in life or to have experience some sort of global crises.

Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s, there were countless setbacks and this constant awareness that someone could nuke us at any time.

But somehow that didn’t keep us from living life, dreaming about our future, and looking disappointment in the eye fresh off of a setback.

But something has happened to us – particularly Americans.

People aren’t bouncing back like they used to. And it’s not just the younger generations.

For example, over 7 million men in the United States between the ages of 25 and 54 have completely dropped out of the workforce. They don’t have jobs and aren’t even looking anymore.

So what’s happened? And, more importantly, how can we help our clients regain their resilience?

Join me tonight for #MENTORMONDAY


In this LIVE 10+ hour interactive training event, we will go into the source of belief systems – think of it as a master system – and you’ll how an individual creates beliefs as well as the primary drivers for WHY your clients do what they do (and don’t do a lot of what they REALLY WANT to do).

We’ll also show you a proven strategy for how you can help your clients OVERCOME self-imposed limits and MAXIMIZE their potential.


✓ Imposter syndrome (feeling like a fraud)

✓ Bad money beliefs

✓ Perfectionism

✓ Self-sabotage

✓ Lies like: “I’m not enough.”

✓ Irrational fears like “No one would ever pay me to do what I love.

The BIGGEST missing piece of the puzzle for your clients is not a HOW-TO problem.​

It’s in the belief systems – that’s where the blocks, the cycles, the limits are being imposed and re-enforced.

You’ve heard coaches say cliché things like:

“…be the boldest version of yourself…”

“…if you didn’t have fear….”

“…If you couldn’t fail…”​

What if we instead of clichés, we had the skills to help people annihilate their fears and break through the limitations?

That’s what ADVANCED SKILLS TRAINING is designed to do!

Learn more & ENROLL NOW!

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