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#MENTORMONDAY LIVE! – Coaching Product Launch Blueprint | How to use coaching products to maximize your income potential

June 6, 2022
Once a coach gets certified and joins our Jumpstart business mentoring program…DAY ONE: I tell them they have to think about maximizing their ability to help as many people as possible.

Most coaches only think about having 1:1 clients, and that’s simply going to put a lid on your income potential.

You’ve probably seen coaches using coaching products like challenges, courses, webinars, workshops, etc. in their coaching practices.

But do these work?

And, if they do, how do you even begin?

In June & July, I’m walking our Jumpstart coaches through this process – a detailed HOW with a checklist to really be successful.

For the next couple of weeks on #MENTORMONDAY, I’m going to help you START RIGHT, and, if you LOVE IT, you might consider joining us in Jumpstart in June & July!

Why not join Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice?

Led by Multi-6 Figure Coach Paul Dabdoub, Jumpstart includes a proven A-Z business development roadmap, business development tools, roleplaying, online community, and a weekly LIVE group call with Paul. It also includes other programs like: LIVE Online Coaching Bootcamp, Brand Camp and more!


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