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#MENTORMONDAY LIVE! – Bad Money Beliefs that Keep You Broke – Part 10: I feel GUILTY about charging people.

June 7, 2021

Part 10: I feel GUILTY about charging people.

Pretty much every aspiring coach I’ve met wanted to get into the business for their passion for helping people.

But imagine with me people who for most of their lives wanted nothing more than to help people full-time – to trade the meaningless daily routine, a purposeless clocking in for the opportunity to do what they love.

…ONLY after they get all the training and certification behind them, and before the ink dries on their business cards, they can’t bring themselves to ask for a cent for all their troubles.

That’s a rough day: to find yourself in conflict between doing your passion and getting rewarded for it.

But so many amazing coaches are living right there! Feeling like they can’t win with their conscience, they stay stuck having work a crappy job to make ends meet while using coaching as a side hustle that pays them a fraction of what their worth.

I want to help you bring your conscience to peace while you you get paid to do what you love.

BRAND CAMP for Coaches – Saturday, June 19th

If you’re a coach that’s STRUGGLING with BRANDING

If you’ve looked for programs that were too expensive, too inauthentic, or required things beyond your skillset, we’ve created this BRAND CAMP for YOU!

The best coach marketing isn’t trying to use a template that sounds more like the person who’s trying to sell it to you.

The best coach marketing is wrapped around YOU – a clear and AUTHENTIC representation of you as a coach that AFFIRMS your greatness but doesn’t sound like you’re reading a bunch of FLUFF.

In our NEW 1-Day Workshop: BRAND Camp – Saturday, June 19th, Paul Dabdoub, a multi-6 Figure Coach gives you a SIMPLE framework to effectively market your coaching practice.

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