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TOPIC: PT 2: Less than 60 Days till your FALL Launch + Q&A

Monday, July 8 @ 10:30am – 11:00am PT (12:30pm CT/1:30pm ET)

Summer = FALL? What?

Yep! The ice in your pink lemonade hasn’t even melted yet, and I’m talking about FALL.

Most coaches – particularly aspiring ones – aren’t even thinking about fall, and there’s a BIG problem with that.

The momentum that your coaching practice is going to experience in fall is directly linked to what you’re doing right now.

And as I said in our last #MENTORMONDAY, most coaches actually get passive during summer. And that’s not only going to kill their summer business. It’s going to impair their fall business as well.

60 days out is really the sweet spot to getting things in order and rolling for a HUGE fall.

Join me this week, and I’ll show you how…

Plus I’ll answer questions with the time we have left!


Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice


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