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#MENTORMONDAY LIVE! – The Life Satisfaction Crisis: Why right now is a CRITICAL time to become a coach

August 29, 2022
I’m not an alarmist, but I am sounding an alarm RIGHT NOW.

I want to invite you to probably the most important #MENTORMONDAY I’ve done by far.

A lot of aspiring coaches have been holding back for a lot of reasons including “Oh, what’s happening with the economy,” when the world, in this moment, has had the most significant drop of life satisfaction ever.

Do you know what kinds of businesses are economy proof? Those that are meeting a real felt need, a real PAIN POINT, and solving a problem.

And right now, globally, people are more uncertain, more defeated, less happy, have little sense of purpose, and less satisfied than ever. And they’re STUCK.

All the studies and surveys prove that we are in a life satisfaction crisis.

Contrary to what might think, the coaching market isn’t even close to saturated. I know, I know: you see those obnoxious people running ads on social media, and you think that’s the sign of saturation.

Most of those people are looking to fill their wallets, not help people.

The world needs new coaches to rise up in this moment. It’s what we’re BORN to do.

On Monday, I’m going to talk in details as to how we got here, and what coaching can help do about it.

If you care about people, and you believe that your calling and purpose on this planet is to help people through coaching, I’m urging you to join me to talk about confronting this crisis.

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