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#MENTORMONDAY LIVE! – How to Use Instagram Stories Effectively – for Coaches

August 30, 2021
Just in case you somehow missed it, our new training How to GROW Your Instagram Following – for Coaches became available this past weekend.

And this #MENTORMONDAY, I’m going to give you a FREE BONUS – I’m going to share what Instagram Stories are and HOW Coaches can use them effectively.

Lotsa coaches are using Instagram Stories and, for all their hard work, they just don’t understand the BEST way to use them, so they’re getting a FRACTION of the results that they should be getting.

Join me as we talk about it!

By the way, you can still pick up the full Instagram training either by joining Jumpstart OR by simply enrolling in the workshop in the next few days.

Learn more about Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice >

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