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August 6, 2018
We help a lot of coaches get their practices launched through our Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice program.

One part of the program that I really love is our weekly group calls where we do live, on the fly mentoring with little or no prep.

On a recent call, I was asked this great question:

[ult_cornerbox color=”000000″ backgroundcolor=”FFFFFF” bordercolor=”000000″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” icon=”” ]In other jobs, we get paid according the experience we have. How do you handle or what do you say if someone does not want to pay “X” amount if we haven’t been doing this very long or just starting?[/ult_cornerbox]

Find out my surprising, empowering answer that includes why I believe it’s a mistake for new coaches to set their fees based on how long they’ve been coaching.

And if that’s not enticing enough, what about the fact that the average first year coach who graduates from the LCTI Jumpstart program charges more than double what other first year coaches charge?


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Paul Dabdoub is a master coach trainer & mentor, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and an executive coach who’s literally helped 1000’s of people take practical steps towards their future.

Paul is the founder of Life Coach Training Institute - the largest life coach training school in North America and the #1 life coach certification online program.

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