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August 8, 2018

Summers are amazing. Everyone needs the sun, time with family, downtime from the regular grind, etc.

But summers can be difficult for some businesses that don’t have the luxury of shutting their doors while everyone else seems to be on vacation.

If that’s you, then hope is right around the corner! Summer is (all but) over, and that means it’s back to business for everyone, which is amazing news for coaches, because if everyone else is in business, that means we are too!

Here are some tips to get ready to ride the wave of business right into the fall:

[ult_cornerbox color=”000000″ backgroundcolor=”FFFFFF” bordercolor=”000000″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” icon=”” ]1. Re-Connect with Prospects that weren’t ready when summer was about to start.[/ult_cornerbox]

Most adults I know aren’t sad when summer is over. They’re tired of all the downtime which, frankly, wasn’t much. Entertaining their children, driving hours in a car, living out of a suitcase – all these things are draining.

Even worse, most people don’t have anything to show for the summer outside a tan and an extra 3000 miles on their car.

With school back in session, adults are thinking once again how to be productive, how to develop, how to grow.

For many of you, the last time you talked to some of your prospects, they were counting the days left until vacation. 3 months later, the fatigue is gone, and their ready to grow again.

Reach out to people who didn’t seem to be ready a mere 90 days ago. You’ll be amazed at how things have changed!

[ult_cornerbox color=”000000″ backgroundcolor=”FFFFFF” bordercolor=”000000″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” icon=”” ]2. Dive back into your networking groups with a purpose.[/ult_cornerbox]

Everyone – yes, everyone – is going to be back with reckless abandon to work aggressively through the end of the year.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to jump back in, reconnect, and partner with other professionals.

[ult_cornerbox color=”000000″ backgroundcolor=”FFFFFF” bordercolor=”000000″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” icon=”” ]3. Offer a seminar that is timely.[/ult_cornerbox]

When school is starting back, it’s not only prospects that you previously had that are thinking about growth and development, it’s virtually everyone.

But not all people are keen to coaching or how it might even be able to help them.

One way to promote what you do and to give people a taste of what you can do to benefit them is to offer a seminar.

Topically, these seminars could range from business to personal development to parenting. Choose whatever is relevant to your niche!

[ult_cornerbox color=”000000″ backgroundcolor=”FFFFFF” bordercolor=”000000″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” icon=”” ]4. Offer a thematic coaching package.[/ult_cornerbox]

Now that everyone is settling back into a schedule, a coaching package that has a purposeful theme might be the ticket to gaining a few clients.

Off the top of my head, I can think of themes like:

“Get back in the groove”

“You most productive fall ever”

“Back2School Means Back2Business – Here’s how to make more!”

“Maintain that balance you achieved this summer”

“It’s time to change your season”

[ult_cornerbox color=”000000″ backgroundcolor=”FFFFFF” bordercolor=”000000″ borderwidth=”1″ borderstyle=”solid” icon=”” ]5. Offer yourself as a speaker or as an interview on radio shows, podcasts, and various business groups.[/ult_cornerbox]

When I say everyone is thinking about growth, I really mean “everyone.” Start getting some free promotion by taking on speaking engagements and guest spots on shows and groups that need a presenter.

Many of these slots are wide open right now, and you can pick and choose the best dates. Note: don’t take dates that are the week before Thanksgiving or Christmas.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices going. But it’s go time right now, so put your business in the next gear!


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