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(9.17.18) Mentor Monday: 5 Things I wish I’d been told when I first started coaching

September 17, 2018 When I started out as a coach, I had no formal business training and no previous financial success. The only things I’d done in sales were two short-lived jobs in college – telemarketing and selling vinyl siding – both of which I failed miserably at doing. I believed I could help people, but who’d really want to pay for it? I can assure you from experience that disqualifying thoughts and feelings are all they are – thoughts and feelings. They’re not valid. Fear is normal. You’ve done much harder things that starting a coaching practice. Of course,
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(9.10.18) Mentor Monday: You are making an Impact

September 10, 2018 Have you ever questioned your impact? I have. One of those times was some years ago, I was coaching someone on a project that had so many twists and turns. The first few sessions were quite explosive and fun, but, a couple of months in, my client’s work was in the phase that wasn’t so creative. Legal red tape and lack of followthrough with other professionals slowed down the process to a crawl at times. I love hitting home runs with clients or a least a big hit or two each time we meet, but some weeks
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(8.15.18) Wednesday Upgrade: Clues someone needs counseling not coaching

August 15, 2018 Every now and then I get the question: “How can we tell if someone needs counseling and not coaching?” In the beginning, I think it’s really difficult for new coaches to tell. After all, most individuals – even hurting ones – look the same from the outside. But it’s imperative that coaches learn to distinguish who is a good candidate for coaching from who would be better served working with a counselor or therapist.  (Please note that while there is a difference between counseling & therapy, I will use those terms interchangeably to simply this post.) Before I
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