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Master Class:
How to set coaching fees like a 6 Figure Coach

What should I charge my coaching clients?

It is the #1 question that I get from new coaches.

And it’s also the #1 source of anxiety for new coaches as well.

Did you know that most 1st year coaches undercharge their clients?

Literally every week, I speak with coaches who are afraid to charge what they are worth.

Part of it comes from insecurity. “I’m new to this, so I can’t possibly charge what a more experienced coach would charge.”

Another reason is that most of us have worked for other individuals or companies who ingrained pay scales and other methods of telling us what we are worth.

Coaching is one of the most honorable professions on the planet, and we never want to charge more than we should. But I honestly don’t believe anyone starts their own business to work harder and never experience the freedom of determining their own schedule, getting margins in their life, and choosing who they’ll work with.

We all got into coaching both for our noble purpose and to open up financial possibilities for ourselves and the ones we love.

30 Minutes of Training & 30 Minutes of Your Questions

Setting your fees shouldn’t be stressful. Here’s what I’ll be covering:

  • ✅ Mindset Shift: Why it’s never about the money.
  • ✅ How we take money out of the equation when it comes to starting a coaching relationship
  • ✅ The #1 key to setting your fees that they never tell you in coaching school
  • ✅ How to create a fee structure that satisfies the client while paying you what you are worth and helping you achieve your personal goals
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