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How much do life coaches make

How much do life coaches make?

On a yearly basis, we try our best to comb through the data and give you the latest trends on the average salary of Life Coaches.

Important clarification: Life Coaches who are employed by companies do NOT make as much as self-employed coaches who typically charge double the rate. You can see that reflected by GlassDoor.

Here’s what Life Coaches are making in 2023…



52% of coaches said that they increased their income after COVID while another 22% said there was no change in income.

Yes, that means that life coaches are making more money post-COVID.

Average life Coach Salary in the U.S. & Canada – $62,500

But here’s the caveat…

Average number of hours worked weekly – 13

I don’t know about you, but working part-time as a coach while pulling in an extra $60K is something most people would sign up for in a heartbeat!

The average fee for a 1-hour coaching session – $231


10+ years $330+ per hour

5- 10 years $260+ per hour

3 – 4 years $200 per hour

1 – 2 years $150+ per hour

Less than 1 year $130 per hour

how much do life coaches make
How much life coaches charge per hour by years of experience.

I hope you find these numbers as encouraging as I do. Now is the time to take bold action towards your career in coaching.

The life coaching industry has exploded in recent years, driven by the increasing demand for personal development and guidance. It’s a red-hot opportunity for those seeking a fulfilling career. With countless individuals seeking positive change, now’s the perfect time to seize this momentum and get certified as a coach.

So, step into your own potential and embark on a journey of transformation – become a certified life coach today!

Give yourself permission to BECOME A CERTIFIED COACH TODAY!

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