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Turn Your Coaching Practice into a Lucrative Source of Reliable Income in 90 Days.

Are You Ready to Take the GUESSWORK out of launching a Coaching Practice?

Are you a passionate coach that has what it takes to help people, but you don’t know how to get paying clients?

We launched our Jumpstart program nearly 10 years ago, and we have helped literally 1000s of coaching students just like you. We know you are probably struggling with the same questions, challenges and insecurities they were. Questions and fears like:

Where do I start?
How do I attract clients?
I’m out here alone!
I don’t like “selling.”
I’m afraid of failing.
I’ve never started a business before.
I don’t know how to market myself.
I don’t have a large network of people.
I’ve been helping people for free. Why would they pay now?

We can tell you from experience, these thoughts & feelings are NORMAL.
We’re going to help you conquer self-doubt while helping you confidently:

  • Make the transition to full-time coach with a reliable income
  • Feel more comfortable in your new career, knowing you are a certified professional
  • Feel supported by our community of like-minded coaches
  • Make more money with easy-to-follow SIMPLE STEPS
  • Attract your ideal clients by applying our powerful marketing strategies
  • Learn how to “sell without selling” and sign up more new clients than ever!
  • Develop your business to the point where you can bring in income even when you’re not working!

Most of our Jumpstart coaches launch their coaching practices within 90 days, even if they have limited hours to do it!

Here’s How it Works!

Jumpstart combines 3 dynamic elements to help you launch a successful coaching practice:

A Coaching Business Development Roadmap

We take you by the hand...

Step-by-step, we guide you through the creation of a successful coaching practice from brainstorming to LAUNCH!

Some of the topics include:

How to find a target market
How to build a network
How to create a personal brand
How to attract clients
How to sell (without being salesy)
How to close a sale
How to create multiple income streams
And much, much more….

Here’s the Chapter Listing of the Jumpstart Roadmap

A Coaching Community of Support

You don't have to do this alone..

Imagine a community of brilliant people who are full of compassionate, support, and ANSWERS!

The Jumpstart Community of Coaches supports one another at every turn.

Self-doubt is RAMPANT amongst coaches.  Connection is the CURE.

Our community is diverse coming from all walks of life, ethnicities, professions, etc., and share a safe, non-threatening culture where you can ask any question without fear of judgment.  We foster connection, support, accountability, and celebration

LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Calls are tailored around your questions, challenges, and more...

Our group coaching calls allow you to connect LIVE & get the support you need!

Every Wednesday, our Jumpstart Coaching Community connects over Zoom in a LIVE Zoom call to hear celebrations and challenges.

We won’t allow you to get STUCK!

Group calls are a time to bring your challenges, barriers, stuck places and to get feedback and support.

Some of these things we do inside a group call are:

Website, Social Media, anything Marketing – Reviews & Feedback
Feedback on Recorded Calls with Clients
Specialty Training Topics
Whiteboarding  coaching business concepts
Troubleshooting challenges with clients

And anything else that comes up!

Training + Certification + LIVE Group Calls + Roadmap + Community of Support

Only $97/month

We’re the largest Life Coach Training program in North America, because we’re committed to serving you better.

Jumpstart also includes these other courses - a $10K TOTAL VALUE for ONLY $97/month w/ a 3 month minimum commitment:

Live Online Coaching Bootcamp

A LIVE weekend training that EXPANDS upon the Life Coach Certification Course & includes Bonus Tools, LIVE Q&A’s and Coaching Demos.

BRAND CAMP for Coaches

10+ Hour intensive workshop where you the SIMPLE, step-by-step framework and the tools for branding & marketing messaging that will work for any coaching niche.

Coaching Product Launch Blueprint

8 Sessions designed to take you from coaching product idea to LAUNCH! The Blueprint works for online coaching courses, 10-day challenges, coaching webinars, coaching workshops, group coaching, and more!

Essential Guide to Group Coaching

Group Coaching is the QUICKEST & EASIEST way to maximize your coaching impact and grow your business. We show you how to create a Group Coaching Program including tools, coaching models, & more!

Life Coach Certification Course

Our original fully online, on-demand, self-paced certification course. Includes Tuesday LIVE Training & coaching skill activities based on the core coaching competencies. Comes with Certificate & FREE listing in our directory:

Every module includes simple business tools!


Session 1: Targeting A Market 101
Session 2: How to Discover Your Ideal Client
Session 3: Why Knowing Your Passion Matters
Session 4: Strengths, Experience, & Life Messages


Session 1: Assessing the Needs & Desires of Your Target Market
Session 2: How to Assess Your Ideal Client’s Wants & Needs
Session 3: Crafting an Effective Elevator Pitch
Session 4: Defining Your Personal Brand – The 13 Hour Brand Camp Course
Session 5: The Difference Between Value and Benefits
Session 6: Communicating the Results & Benefits Your Clients Experience
Session 7: Finding Clients by Building a Network


Session 1: The 7 Stages of the Sales Cycle
Session 2: Relational Selling
Session 3: The 4 Steps of Selling
Session 4: Choosing a Strategy to Get Clients
Session 5: How to Create a Weekly Connection Strategy
Session 6: The 90-10 Rule Of Nurturing Your Network
Session 7: How to Set Fees that Attract Clients & Help You Achieve Your Business Goals
BONUS: Limiting Beliefs that Keep Coaches from Selling their Services
Session 8: Creating Multiple Income Streams as a Coach
Session 9: What are Clear Calls to Action and How to Create Them
Session 10: How to Setup a First Coaching Session & Things to Avoid
Session 11: The Explosive First Coaching Session
Session 12: Closing the Deal with Clients (& Handling Objections)


Session 1: Structuring Your Business
Session 2: Coaching Agreements & Confidentiality
Session 3: Safety & Legal Concerns

Training + Certification + LIVE Group Calls + Roadmap + Community of Support

Only $97/month

Hey, you’ve shopped around & no one else is offering all this. This is training, a roadmap, & support you can afford.

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