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LCTI Graduates 51 Coaches from 11 Countries in June 2018!

Life Coach Training Institute continues to be the largest life coach training and certification program in North America and the #1 Life Coach Certification Online Program.

To the Graduates of June 2018, congratulations and thank you so much for entrusting us with this part of your journey. You are world changers! The lives you’re about to impact – because of your bold decision to pursue your passion and calling – will, in turn, change the world.

Congrats to our June 2018 Grads:

A Boglio
A Owens
A Rush
A Terry
B Hayman
C Asseh
C Contreras-Boos
C Harlander
C Kauffman
C McFarland
C Smothers
D Adams
D Brannan
D Campion
D Freixo de Faria Bonfim
D Masters
D Williams
E Benefield
E Ochan
G Baresel
G Reyes
H White
J Dodd
J Key
J Lassiter
J Wilson
K Brown
K Stone
L Axelsen
L Taylor
L Wauters
M Draves
M Dubois
N Owens
O John
O Kodja
P Jackson
P Smith
R Colbert
S Gromatsky
S Echols
S McCall-Shine
S Moose
S Myrick
T Livingston
T Campbell
T Geter
T Hamilton
T John
W Ritter
Y White

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