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life coach certification

Accredited Life Coach Certification that is internationally recognized, top-rated, and affordable!

Become a Certified Life Coach & achieve coaching Mastery in 30 hours. Self-paced or LIVE Online life coach certification – your choice!

We exist for aspiring life coaches like you!

  • You FEEL a PASSION to make an impact in the world through coaching.
  • Your current job isn’t cutting it – in meaning, purpose, or finances, BUT you stick with it because that’s what COMMITTED people do.
  • You want to become a Certified Life Coach, but everywhere you look, you’re seeing dollar signs of programs that rival the cost of small colleges.
  • You’re being told that the ONLY way to be successful is to spend $1000s, but there’s no guarantee or conversation on how to even get clients.
  • You work a full-time job already, and can’t take time off for live training, but you also can’t wait forever to get certified.
  • Besides that, you’re spinning A LOT of plates – family, work, and lots of people & things counting on you.

Voted the Top Online Life Coach Certification program by and Life Coach Magazine – accredited life coach certification without breaking the bank!

Number of aspiring Certified Life Coaches we've served since 2014.

LCTI is fully online accelerated life coach training, but HIGH TOUCH & SUPPORTIVE:

Certified Life Coach


…a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential coaching techniques, communication skills, goal-setting, client engagement, and more. The unique touches to LCTI’s program are the live coaching roleplay demos and live Q&A’s…

Life Coach Magazine

On-demand, Self-paced Training

Set your own schedule and pace, and access your training from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

LIVE Tuesday Training

Join us LIVE on Tuesday evenings for core competency training followed by Q&A’s & get the support you need.

LIVE Coaching Demos

Get practice as a coach or client in a non-threatening supportive environment with instant feedback.

Why you should choose LCTI to help you become a Certified Life Coach…

Gain the skills & confidence you need to help your clients achieve results.

You’ll learn all the core competencies that are evident in every great coach.

Overcome fear and doubt about whether or not you can truly help people.

Confidence doesn’t simply come from information.  Experience is the greatest teacher. Each module includes experiential exercises and tools to help you put knowledge into practical action and to negate any of your inward disqualifiers.

Transform lives around you through your calling as a coach.

You’ve likely already had a defining moment in your life when you knew you were called to help people. That passion is not going to go away.  It’s time to do it!

Earn your credential on your OWN SCHEDULE and at your OWN PACE.

When you enroll, you have INSTANT ACCESS to the program.   All your training is at your fingertips available across all devices 24/7.  98% of our students work full-time, and we’ve designed our program for busy people like you who are already living a full life but want to take living to the next level.

Weekly LIVE Training over ZOOM

We value connection so all our programs INCLUDE LIVE Online Life Coach Training on Tuesday evenings via ZOOM! Join other students from around the world for our rolling training. Each session ends with a LIVE Q&A.

Get FREE of the grind, and get CONTROL of your time & finances.

Start your career right with instant credibility.

Life Coach Training Institute is the largest life coach training program in North America and is internationally recognized.  No school has more grads or has trained more coaches.

Become a proficient coach without putting yourself at financial risk.

As the original pioneers in online life coach training, we disrupted the industry by eliminating high commission sales teams & other overhead and made accelerated, top-tier life coach training and certification affordable for YOU.

You can get certified self-paced or in a single weekend through our LIVE weekend certification program.

The accredited Life Coach Certification Course is 30 hours of training. It is fully online & self-paced with optional LIVE Tuesday Night Coach Training where you can connect with other coaches & get help.  If you’re looking for an accelerated weekend program, choose our Weekend Coaching Bootcamp and get certified in 3 days!


LCTI Gives You to the Tools & Training You Need to Become a Successful Certified Life Coach

A student completing their Life Coach Certification online through Life Coach Training Institute.

Our Online Life Coach Training Program focuses on the core competencies of coaching. Each session is approximately 2 hours long and can be completed either self-paced or LIVE & Online.


Coaching is obviously trending, but what is coaching?

In this intro session, we show you how coaching is distinguished from all other advising & helping roles.

You’ll not only learn what coaching is, but how its uniqueness allows individuals to get breakthrough and lasting transformation.

We end this session with the 4 Lenses of a First Class Coach.

This session will fill you so much HOPE, CONFIDENCE, & EXPECTATION for the rest of the course!

The coaching conversation is unlike any other type of conversation.

You’ll learn:

  • 5 steps in the flow of a coaching conversation. 
  • Two coaching conversational models to get dynamic results.

A coaching relationship is GOAL-DRIVEN – it’s a relationship that’s going somewhere. You’ll learn how to measure buy-in from a client, 4 keys for helping clients maintain motivation, and how to help clients set clear goals. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of goal setting and how to hold clients accountable in a way that helps them reach their potential.

Listening is a lost art. Studies show that the attention span of human beings has dropped to just 8 seconds! With such a lack of listening, people are more disconnected and misunderstood than ever.

Session 04: You’ll learn how to hold space with a client, the 7 filters that keep us blocked from understanding, and the 3 Levels of Listening. We also give you some simple techniques to allow you to build awareness of your own personal listening pitfalls, how to watch out for your listening triggers, and how to adjust in real time.

In Session 05, you’ll learn:

  • The 7 things you should be LISTENING FOR
  • How to develop powerful INTUTION you can TRUST.
  • How to share your intuition with a client.
  • How to interpret BODY LANGUAGE CUES.
  • And we’ll finish up with tips on how you can show up as an ACTIVE LISTENER for your clients.

While it seems everyone else is in the business of advice and telling people what to do, coaches are in the business of EMPOWERING their clients to take bold action using their own strategies. However, most individuals lack PERMISSION and suffer from limiting beliefs that keep them stuck. We’ll show you how to ask BETTER, POWERFUL questions that help your clients UNLOCK insights and their own genius.

Where does a new coach even begin when establishing a coaching practice?

Don’t worry! We answer this question and more!

You’ll learn how to stay in your lane as a coach and stay away from liability issues.

We give you a primer on the 3 primary business structures that coaches choose and the pros & cons of them. We also walk you through the coaching agreement and detail what should be included.

BONUS: intake and coaching agreement samples.

Twice a month, in our Tuesday training, we have LIVE Coaching Demos. In this safe, supportive environment, you can play coach or client and get instant feedback.

When you join LIVE Tuesday trainings, every session concludes with your questions!

Accredited Life Coach Certification

The Life Coach Certification Course is accredited by ICOES.



All training is on-demand & accessible 24/7.

Weekly LIVE ONLINE Training with Q&A

Tuesdays @ 5pm Pacific Time

(7pm Central Time/8pm Eastern Time)

What's our life coach training like? Take a look...

free life coach training session


90 Second Enrollment. Instant Access.

Life Coach Training Mini Course

Best for individuals kicking the tires of coaching. Comes with a Certification Option.

What you get:

10 Life Coach Training Video Modules
Coaching Core Competency Training Activities
Transcripts of Each Module
Deeper Insights to Each Module
Invitations to all our FREE Workshops
Certification Option


Life Coach Certification Course

Start Instantly!

Get Certified Self-paced
You control the schedule w/ bonus LIVE Tuesday Night Training.

What you get:

30 Hours of Life Coach Training
7 Self-Paced Life Coach Training Video Modules
Weekly LIVE Training on Tuesdays
Coaching Core Competency Training Activities
LIVE Coaching Roleplay Demos
Intake & Coaching Agreement Samples
Brandable Document Templates
Coaching Tool Starter Pack
1 Year of Free Audits
CLC Credential
Online Hosting of your Credentials
Free Listing on ($75/year Value)


LIVE Online Weekend Coaching Bootcamp

May 24-26

Get Certified in a Weekend

What you get:

30 Hours of Life Coach Training
7 Powerful LIVE Weekend Sessions
Earn your Life Coach Credential in a Weekend!
Coaching Core Competency Training Activities
LIVE Coaching Roleplay Demos
Intake & Coaching Agreement Samples
Brandable Document Templates
Coaching Tool Starter Pack
1 Year of Free Audits
CLC Credential
Online Hosting of your Credentials
Free Listing on ($75/year Value)

Details & Schedule


Easy Pay for Life Coach Certification Course

$53/Mo (4-Payments)

Easy Pay for Bootcamp + Life Coach Certification Course

Bootcamp + Life Coach Certification Course – $47/Mo (6-Payments)

Your Life Coach Credential renews annually at only $29.

life coaching agreement sample

Life Coaching Agreement

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