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trendIn what many believe is a slow economy, the self help industry is still booming.  Conservative estimates are that Americans are spending over $11 billion in the self-help industry alone.

There are currently 20,000 coaches in the U.S.  taking home a sum total of over $2 billion.  It is the fastest growing profession in the U.S. second only to Information Technology.  What this simply means is that in an age of information and in time of great questions, the demand to get better and to accelerate the process has never been greater.


The world is changing at a rapid pace.  Businesses that seemed to take a lifetime to launch are being launched in year and becoming profitable.  Technology that was cutting edge months ago is obsolete today.  Look at the latest craze with iPhone 6.  Some individuals that were getting the 5S less than a year ago and stood in line for an upgraded version of that product only months later.  Change is happening rapidly and it’s actually been embraced by our culture.

And in this time of great accelerated change, what an amazing time to embark on becoming a life coach.  We are change agents.  We are specialists at change.


Life coaching isn’t a fad.  Coaching has steadily grown over decades.  The coaching industry will continue to grow because the demand for change is only going to accelerate.

As change is demanded, coaches are needed to empower people with the focus, training and accountability to achieve the consistent results they demand in the most important areas of your life.

Coaches help their clients define with clarity the results they desire to achieve. They help assess and define the gap between where the client is and where they want to be.


A recent ICF study, conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers involving nearly 6000 coaches around the world found that the average annual salary of a full-time coach was just over $82,000. This study found the average income of a part-time coach was just over $26,000.

With the overhead of this profession being incredibly low (many life coaches work from home or remotely in coffee shops), life coaches are empowered to take control of their time and their finances.

The financial rewards are obvious, but the reward of launching people into their destiny is immeasurable.

*According to the 2012 ICF Coaching Study Executive Summary

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Paul Dabdoub is a master coach trainer & mentor, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and an executive coach who’s literally helped 1000’s of people take practical steps towards their future.

Paul is the founder of Life Coach Training Institute - the largest life coach training school in North America and the #1 life coach certification online program.

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