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#MENTORMONDAY – Are you tolerating your life or TAKING ACTION?

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February 19 @ 5:15pm PT (7:15pm CT/8:15pm ET)

Vision is not just a fluffy concept, but a visceral picture of what could set the world ablaze, what should be the relentless heartbeat, and what MUST happen!

People with VISION aren’t merely observers; the live in the delicious tension between the harsh reality shackling us and the tantalizing possibilities that should be our playground.

You know what that tension does? It doesn’t play games; it fuels action.

Movers and shakers aren’t daydreaming about sipping tea in a perfect world. No, they’re DRIVEN to yank that mental image into the gritty, no-nonsense terrain of reality.

So, where does the revolution start for you? It kicks off with a vision so sharp it could cut steel and just enough frustration to flip the script from tolerating the mundane to blazing a trail living what MUST BE.

Join me tonight!


It’s a weekend affair – kickstarting on Friday, wrapping up the shenanigans on Sunday. And guess what? By Monday morning, you’re not just waking up, you’re waking up as a certified life coach!


+ The 4 Lenses of a Coach
+ Unveiling the secrets to get that client buy-in
+ Dissecting the anatomy of a coaching sesh
+ Riding the wave of a coaching session
+ Not one, but TWO coaching models
+ Navigating the 3 Levels of Listening
+ Unleashing the progression of questions in every coaching stage
+ Defining accountability and principles of follow-up
+ Hold onto your hat because we’re not just talking the talk.
We’re stuffing your coaching toolkit with an arsenal of tools, and guess what? Live demos and roleplaying!

Ready to roll? The LIVE Coaching Bootcamp is your ticket, and it’s a steal at $247!

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