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(8.8.18) Wednesday Upgrade: BACK2SCHOOL = CLIENTS! 4 Ideas to help you take advantage!

August 8, 2018 Summers are amazing. Everyone needs the sun, time with family, downtime from the regular grind, etc. But summers can be difficult for some businesses that don’t have the luxury of shutting their doors while everyone else seems to be on vacation. If that’s you, then hope is right around the corner! Summer is (all but) over, and that means it’s back to business for everyone, which is amazing news for coaches, because if everyone else is in business, that means we are too! Here are some tips to get ready to ride the wave of business right
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(7.9.18) Mentor Monday: Is there a market for coaching teens?

July 9, 2018 Over the past few years, I’ve seen a rising interest in coaching teens. I’d like to dedicate this Mentor Monday to those of you who share this interest by answering the 3 questions I’m asked most.  And I’m going to answer them in order of importance: To this first question, I would reply with a resounding “Yes!” It is true that most teens don’t have any money. But, while they lack their own personal finances, they have something even better that’s not limited to an hourly wage: buying power. One way of describing buying power is that
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