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February 2022

Introducing the International Guild of Professional Coaches

Over the past 10 years, Life Coach Training Institute has led the coaching industry in training and innovation. We became of the first schools to go totally online with a commitment to making powerful online coach training and certification affordable, self-paced, on your schedule, and on your terms. Since that time we’ve kept that promise adding more training tools and even a LIVE Online Coaching Bootcamp where aspiring coaches can earn their credential in a weekend.

In 2016, we addressed the growing need for coaches to have the A-Z steps on how to launch a coaching practice from scratch. Our Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice has been adapted to fit the needs of traditional coaches, fully online coaches, and hybrid coaches – who both help face-to-face clients and online clients.

For the past 4 years, we’ve been considering how we address that last portion of what is essentially a 3-legged stool – promotion & community. How do we promote growth and innovation of our industry, and how do we create a community of Alumni who get meaningful connection and support from their peers?

In 2022, we are completing that last piece of the commitment to our students and aspiring coaches everywhere with the ambitious launch of the International Guild of Professional Coaches.

Why do we need another professional coaching organization?

It’s a great question because there are already dozens of professional coaching organizations.

Through the years we’ve watched many new coaches become disillusioned with the organizations they have joined because there’s very little comradery and connection, very little ongoing investment in the membership, and almost no marketing value added to the coach for being a member.

In our opinion, those are the 3 most important reasons why a professional coaching organization exists, and why we’re launching the International Guild of Professional Coaches.


Innovation & Continuing Education
We exist to help coaches innovate and support life long learning and coaching proficiency.

Community & Connection
We exist to offer community and relational support amongst coaches.

Adding Value & Prestige to Individual Coaches
We exist to help our coaches promote themselves and stand out as professionals who help others achieve their goals.


1. We are immediately transitioning our Alumni and future grads to membership in IGPC. We’re doing this without additional charge. A new option will exist in the student dashboard of our students that will allow them to generate and print their membership.

2. Formalizing membership will be about a 6 month process in which will be selecting a board of officers.

3. By late summer 2022, we will be submitting our finalized paperwork for non-profit status.

4. Along the way, we will give regular updates of how alumni may connect and find one another online and will be offering virtual continuing education opportunities.

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