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The Life Coach Training Institute

Based in San Diego, CA USA, the Life Coaching Training Institute is a fully online life coach training and certification program and currently the largest independent life coach training program in North America..

LCTI has a mission to equip and launch coaches who’ll be barrier removers and change agents in every part of the globe.

Why is LCTI so reasonable?

Most life coach training programs cost $1000’s for really good reasons: at least 25% of the cost is a commission that goes to the sales team.

If you think about the fact that a comparable training program of 30 hours has to pay a certified trained professional for each hour they spend with the class, as well as expenses such as print materials, facilities, and basic administration, it’s easy for those costs to be between $5,000-10,000.

We don’t have a sales team, and we’ve eliminated as much overhead as possible so that you receive the same top-tier training at an affordable price.

Additionally, we believe that starting a coaching practice should not be financially burdensome.  Starting out a coaching career $1000’s in the hole isn’t feasible for our students nor is it necessary. In Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice, we actually show our students how to launch a coaching practice that nets a coach at least 90% of what they make.

We exist to serve those who are currently working full-time but want to break into coaching.

98% of our students work full-time doing something else other than coaching and need a flexible training program where they are in control of their schedule.

What sets us apart from all other coaching programs?

Frankly, there are a lot of amazing coach training programs out there, and that’s because coaches are extremely noble people who care about our profession and genuinely want to help others while boosting the credibility and ethics of coaching worldwide. You can learn coaching skills from a lot of places.

The difference between our program and others is that our students know how to get clients.

The vast majority of coaching programs are great at teaching coaching skills but stop short of showing new coaches what they must do to get clients.

We don’t think that’s good enough.  We don’t want our coaches to just have skills; we want them to have successful coaching practices.  What meaning does possessing skills have if you don’t have clients?

In 2016, we solved this trouble area for new and existing coaches by launching Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice.  Jumpstart is a 20 module program that combines a 20 module business development roadmap, business development tools, online student community for roleplaying and feedback, and live weekly group mentoring by a certified, professional coach.  Jumpstart is a monthly subscription program that is the A-Z of coaching practice development that covers everything from discovering your target market, finding your niche, developing your personal brand, selling, having an explosive first coaching session, answering objections, and so much more.

For more information, check out: Jumpstart Your Coaching Practice.

Our Founder

Paul Dabdoub is a speaker, writer, and entrepreneur, and a leader in religious non-profits who’s literally helped 1000’s of people take practical steps towards their future.

“I believe that the solutions to the needs of neighborhoods, communities, and cities are locked up in the hearts of people.  They only need to be believed in, affirmed, and given permission to act upon it.

I believe that transformed people equal transformed cities.

I love life coaches because their love for people gives them the ability to launch very powerful lives.  In that way, I see them as life entrepreneurs.

Give me a group of intentional life coaches and watch us empower people who’ll change the world.

That’s my goal. And that’s what Life Coach Training Institute is all about.

The life you want is possible.”






Paul is a Certified Coach through Gallup University.

Why coaches choose us...

We don't saddle you with debt with inflated training costs.

Did you know that most coaching programs pay their sales team commissions of up to 25% of your tuition? We’re the most affordable program because we don’t pay sales commissions. We think training should be affordable, and we offer life coach certification at a price that eliminates the inner turmoil & financial duress that comes with overpaying for training.  Life Coach Training Institute gives you top-tier training at a fraction of the cost.

We help you tackle that self-doubt.

Self-doubt is RAMPANT amongst coaches. Connection is the CURE. Not only will our training instill confidence in your skills, but our interactivity with you – LIVE Tuesday Training, Q&A’s, and the coaching community are all designed to help you overcome self-doubt and launch you towards your career in coaching! Not only will our training instill confidence in your skills, but our interactivity with you – LIVE Tuesday Training, Q&A’s, and the coaching community are all designed to help you overcome self-doubt and launch you towards your career in coaching!

We don't let you do this alone.

Life Coach Training Institute is a community.  We offer optional LIVE Tuesday Night Training that allows you to connect with other coaches, make friends, choose study partners, as well as get the accountability you need.  And our weekly training also includes time for Q&A’s with Master Coach Trainer Paul Dabdoub. You get access to this connection EVERY WEEK as a student. You don’t have to do this thing alone!

We help you LEARN MORE in a shorter amount of time!

Our core training was developed by coaches, for coaches.  It’s presented in a way that isn’t sterile and stuffy, but by real coaches who talk real life and want to make the competencies of coaching your possession. Our Life Coach Training is accelerated so YOU LEARN MORE in a SHORTER AMOUNT OF TIME.  And, best of all, you can re-watch modules and connect weekly & ask questions LIVE to close any learning gaps!

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